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DNA Collection Event meets AKC Eligibility Requirement

A DNA collection event can be used to full fill AKC Eligibility Requirement for Holding Shows.

The AKC has recently approved new requirements for Holding Shows.

SCARF contacted the AKC describing our activities with the local clubs. SCARF asked if the Collection Events would qualify, as fulfilling a requirement for section A#5 and/or Section B#11.

SCARF received an e-mail, dated March 27, 2007 from Michael LaVallee, AKC.  In it, he stated that the local clubs could use their DNA collection activities to fulfill a section B requirement; specifically, section B#11.

A copy of the e-mail sent by Mr. Michael LaVallee, Senior Representative, Event Plans Department, AKC: 

I had my director review the information you sent and the most appropriate area on the compliance to list the DNA collection/banking would be section B #11 under Health Clinics not section A #5.

There is no way for me to list all the activities that could possibly satisfy requirements for Sec A #5 and Sec B #11. We don't have a list of those activities and each club may offer something different that could be used to meet compliance requirements.

Health clinics for Sec B #11 are self explanatory and some examples of items that could count towards Sec A #5 are: nursing home/school visits, educational seminars, training classes, information booths (mall, park etc), breed rescue at the Petland etc.

Even though the new compliance form looks a little daunting the changes actually make it easier and gives more options for clubs to meet requirements. Also compliance is not required for specialties until 2009, that means to approve 09 events I need the compliance details from 08.

I hope that I have been able to answer your questions, please let me know if I can be of further assistance.

Have a good day,

Event Plans Dept.
919-816-3581 V
919-816-4215 F




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